I have been working on a Kickstarter project for a few months…..mulling it over, wondering if it’s the right type of thing for me…. Anyway, I had it all ready to go at the beginning of October but just couldn’t find the courage to actually click on ‘launch’!

But this Friday I thought ‘Sod it, what’s the worst that could happen’?! So I went for it, and Wow! ┬áReally quite intense feelings immediately hit me: mainly feeling sick with nerves!

Incredibly, the project has hit over 30% of the goal in the first day. I really wasn’t expecting this at all, it is a really positive start, but, we have a long way to go: I have to reach the total by the end date (1st Dec) or I receive none of the funds: this means I have to reach out to the world- to people I don’t know and who are likely to make a pledge, no matter how small.

I have had some wonderful advice and support from friends and family: this projects success will mean I can make he ceramics I have designed, and attend a number of craft fairs with some of the bowls.

Any support you can give: sharing the project to spread the word, or even a small pledge, will all make the likelihood of the projects success that much higher.

I am so grateful to those who have already pledged to support me. Fingers crossed it works!