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Porcelain Morphogenetic Bowl. Large

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Porcelain bowls inspired by the clusters of barnacles at the seaside.

This listing is for a large, unglazed porcelain bowl, each one is handmade and unique, formed organically by hand - meaning I dont plan as such, I let the form guide me as  I make it. I leave them unglazed as I love the texture of the fired borcelain-it is like coral or worn, bleached bone. The clay is fully vitrified-it will hold water without a glaze.

Please note this bowl is made to order, and could take up to 3-6 weeks depending on the weather!

The story behind the bowls:

On holiday at the seaside last summer, I was once again enamoured of the barnacle colonies found on rocks and breakers, amongst the other life along the seashore.

I had a rare few hours to myself, and having bought along a bag of clay (as you do!), I had a little play and ended up making these bowls. They have the organic and seemingly random placed details that are found in so many natural forms, & which obsess me endlessly: what I call the 3-way junction, which is found in insect wings; cracked mud; the veins in humans and leaves; river tributaries; branches of trees; bubbles; the vascular cells in plants; inside mammal bones and on the skin of cactus, sealife and mammals: it is amazing.

The bowls are not a direct representation of these barnacle clusters: more a simplified, or purified, example of the beauty in these small things.

Available in various sizes: Small: 5-9cm, Med: 10-12cm, Large: 13-16cm.

Please note the bowl you will receive will not be exactly like the one in the images on this listing as every single one is different. If you want pictures of the exact one before you buy, do ask and I will be very happy to send you some.