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Wild honeycomb ring, oxidised silver with gold cell.

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Solid silver honeycomb ring with Black Oxide and one gold cell

Made in collaboration with honeybees; Beca Beeby's sculptural honeycomb jewellery is inspired by the natural forms found in nature: in cellular structures; cracked mudflats; insect wings and in honeycomb.

Becas Wild Honeycomb range began life as real honeycomb from her own honeybees.
This ring was the first style Beca made once she had perfected her technique, and she still wears the original every day.

Each piece is unique, made over months in Beca's workshop in Wales. Made in sterling eco silver with one gold cell, the work is oxidised and matt-polished  the work will take on a further patination and polish personal to the wearer- The high points will become more polished as it is worn:

Beca practices her skills in the most sustainable ways possible: she uses recycled metals; avoids any use of toxic chemicals-using citric and oxalic acid for pickling and etching; her workshop is solar powered and all packaging is recycled as many times as possible. Beca's inspiration comes from the natural world and she protects it in whatever ways she can.

Made to order to ensure you have the correct size-please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

Please contact Beca if you would like to commission any work: the rings can be made to fit and suit any size-Male and Female.

This ring is not hallmarked as its below the required weight-if you would like it to be please let me know: there is a £5 charge for this.

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