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students maquettes         Plaster sculpture at Hendredenny


I was chosen to be one of the Lead Creative Schools Practitioners is 2018, and  spent the school year working with year 7 Pupils on a project that started with  Darwins journey and sketchbooks, moving on to consider evolution; climate change; pollution; adaptation; biodiversity; plant attributes and environmental extremes.


After our exploration we imagined a future Earth and how it may have affected plant evolution, we then designed our own 'Future Plants', made small scale sculptures of each and built 3 large scale sculptural representations of the ideas generated.


The students were able to have a go at each step of the build: they learned to weld, grind & cut steel, work with wire, then sculpr with plaster and fabric.


Once the pieces were finished, They were places in a courtyard of the school, painted and planted up with plants, or filled with litter collected from the school grouds: depending on the imagined adaptations of the plants.