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'Artefact' Bangle. Bronze with Turquiose patina.

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Inspired by many things: the morphogenetic forms that obsess me, my own porcelain barnacle bowls I make; seed-pods; bubbles; cells, and the Egyptian Torque in one of my favourite childhood books.

 Each piece is carved from wax before being cast in bronze,  patinated to a beautiful  deep turquoise, then sealed with beeswax. 

Bangles are made in 2 sizes: small to medium at 65 - 67mm diameter and med to large: 67 - 70mm diameter,  but I can always make to your requirements.

 These are generally  made to order so please allow 4-6weeks for delivery, however I can occasionally speed this up for special occasions/people as badly organised as me- please get in touch!